Out Do Yourself!

Let me tell you a story of my life as I grew up.

Growing up with 2 brothers I would like to say that it has been an exciting part of my life.  In the aspect of me getting to play and try many different sports such as basketball, swimming, cycling, hiking and running.

In other words I’ve learned to love outdoors sports like no other. It helped me maintain a good steady weight and body and of course I had grown up with guys so I pretty much loved sports just as much as they did if not more.

Another huge exciting part of my life has been being a mother. I’m truly blessed with one amazing son. I had gotten so busy taking care of my son because I had enjoyed motherhood and had so much fun with my new role as a mother.

Yet my body started to change without me noticing it and realized that I gained so much weight. Then I decided to take action to get back to my old groove for myself and my health. So I then went back to exercising and a good diet.

I joined many different kinds of programs but nothing ended up working for me. I just continued to lose the weight and then gained it back for years as a never ending cycle. When my son started school I had him join the ski and snowboard program.  I decided to join and learned it myself because I love anything outdoor sports.

Furthermore as life seemed to pass me by in a blink of an eye. Days and years went by and now I’m in my 40’s. I know at this point knew I had to do something to help me in the correct path to wellness and my health but just needed to search for the right product that would help me achieve that goal.

Then one day at work, one of my colleagues was so happy to share with me how excited and happy she was, and began telling me her story about her losing weight without exercise.

Then she introduced me with Yoli.

I was completely intrigued and asked her what she had been doing. At first I'll admit I was skeptical about it because I felt as though I tried it all and nothing worked. Then she continued to speak about the program itself and had me thinking twice and I said to myself maybe this isn't just a coincidence and decided to test out if this would be the true game changer for me. 

I came home and took a good look at myself in the mirror and I said “I truly need to change myself, for the better”.

I can’t change people but I can certainly change myself so I can do continue to inspire and do things I love most. The next day I told my colleague that I will give it a try. She told me that I can’t drink coffee which is something that enjoy and that I cannot stop, especially in the morning.

I love coffee so much. But that is the day that I was dedicated and I decided to try Yoli and go with the 28 days transformation program.  Her cousin then helped me to set up my account and guided me through the program.

In that area I didn't need much assistance as I felt as I was an expert already since I went to different programs before and it is almost all so similar as to what kind of food to eat and foods to avoid. How to properly measure and weigh yourself. Knew many things as I have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and being a previous registered nurse even though I don’t practice it anymore I always have the basic knowledge about health, wellness and nutrition.

I'm happy to say that I had a great change going from 165.5 lbs to 144.5 lbs.  I’m so excited to share and tell you my story that I found something that really works. With consistency I gave it a chance and I'm so happy I did. 

If you struggled with weight loss for years and nothing really works for you. I’m here and truly devoted to help with your weight loss journey. Like Me!...You Can Out Do Yourself!  So, you can Express What You Love Most!  

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