Out Do Yourself Cyclist!

Scared of Trying New Things!

Growing up with 2 brothers I would like to say that it has been an exciting part of my life.  In the aspect of me getting to play and try many different sports such as basketball, swimming, cycling, hiking and running.  Yes, basketball! 2 brothers remember.

In other words I’ve learned to love outdoors sports like no other. It helped me maintain a good steady weight and body and of course I had grown up with guys so I pretty much loved sports just as much as they did if not more.

Another huge exciting part of my life has been being a mother. I’m truly blessed with one amazing son. I had gotten so busy taking care of my son because I had enjoyed motherhood and had so much fun with my new role as a mother.

When my son started school I had him join the ski and snowboard program.  I decided to join and learned it myself because I love anything outdoor sports.  I thought at first that is the most crazy and scary thing I did but honestly that is the most exciting, crazy and scary thing I did.  I love it anyway!

Telling people to out do yourself is not my place to say but I can certainly out do myself so I can do continue to inspire and do things I love most. Embracing the things you don't want to do? Not sure?  Scared of trying new things? Do it anyway! You will never know till you tried it.

BTW:  Cycling is where my heart is.


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