Be Inspired! Believe! Be Real!

Our priority is to help men and women to enhanced their beauty and expand their wardrobe instantly so you look STYLISH and feel confident and be at your best. 

If you want to be BOLD but not too bold and want to be BEAUTIFUL but not too beautiful.  BE YOU-just be yourself and look GORGEOUS SEXY everyday.

Myla is the founder-owner of Lolamart.  She is known "go to expert" for customer service.  She is passionate about retail so her mission is to provide one hundred % no matter what!  It means 100% customer satisfaction.  Instant gratification.  Faster service.  Faster shipping.

Letting go of one’s passion,  following one’s  dreams,  admiring one’s  fashion, and embracing one’s uniqueness lead to creativity, to creation and to perfection.

Bringing the best online shopping experience to customer is our vision.  Exceeding customer expectation is our mission mixed with meticulous inspiration and precise techniques.

In a World full of experts. I’m proud to call myself as a Mother, Sister, Family, Best Friend, Entrepreneur and Leader.  As a Generalist with years of experience in customer service taught me the importance of a good character.